Continuous tunnel type machines which allow plenty of treatments. Ideal for serial works that require high productions. Parts are directly placed on the conveyor belt through baskets or special brackets, and are unloaded on the opposite side. The LCA type has similar characteristics to the previous one. However, it has an aerial system to transport parts, so that they are suspended. Thus, it's possible to incorporate the existing transport systems to the production or assembly lines. .


Continuous tunnel type machines which allow plenty of treatments. Ideal for serial works that require high productions. Parts are placed on pallets, so the treatment of the part is another operation inside the mechanized process. Its adaptation allows the installation on the main line or as a satellite operation. Thanks to the collaboration with the company EWAB ENGINEERING, we can develop the automation project of full mechanized lines, assembly, etc.


Machines specially designed for the treatment of bulk parts. Degreasing is done by immersion and spraying with a final drying, all within a rotating drum. Given its characteristics, it is possible to obtain large productions (up to 2.500 Kgs./h). The loading is done through a hopper at one end of the machine and the unloading is done at the opposite end on a conveyor belt or containers.


Washer machine equipped with a rotating platform that moves parts through its different stations. Its small size design is ideal for works when it's needed to load and unload from the same point. It is possible to place parts in any position using suitable tools to manipulate them. It can work step by step, so the treatments can be quickly and accurately performed.


These machines work by spraying and are manufactured in two versions: one with a fixed shower system and the other one with movable showers. This last version is very useful when the dirtiness has plenty of solid particles or when the geometry of parts is irregular. Loading and unloading is done from the front of the machine by placing the parts in baskets or in a trolley in case of heavy loadings. The movement of the door or the trolley can be pneumatically or hydraulically performed, so the work cycle is completely automatic. This machine is quite versatile; it has working cycles ranging between 3-8 min. of treatment.


Universal tanks for unlimited treatments with manipulation systems, either manuals or automatics, and prepared to work, hot or cold, without problems. They allow the incorporation of ultrasounds and can be attached as a group when multiple treatments are required. Its dimensions are variable, so they fit well into any space or requirement. In the LIC-A variation, it is included an elevator to perform automatic cycles. This allows making a stirring movement of the load during the working cycle, so the liquid enters into the parts and it accelerates the degreasing or cleaning process.


In BAUTERMIC, you will not only find a provider, but a partner for planning or setting a degreasing process or a surface treatment on your products. For this reason, we design and manufacture every machine according to the needs of each customer. Over 90% of the manufactured machines have been adapted to specific cases or specially designed for our customers. It has enabled us to know and develop countless mechanisms, loading and handling systems, treatments with times and very small spaces.


Thinking about how to satisfy all the needs of our customers, most of our washer machines admit the following accessories but some of them are already included by default