The main characteristic of this type of machine is that multiple treatments are allowed. It is recommended for medium and high productions.
Parts enter from one end and get out from the opposite, so it's possible to integrate them in the existing lines, to automate the load/unload or just load them manually.
The main advantages of this machine compared to other types of washing machines are:

  • High production and low maintenance cost
  • Variable speed/output
  • Accurate washing of the inside and the outside of the part
  • Fully automated
  • Possibility of multiple treatments
  • Types

    Conveyor type (LCB)

    , parts are directly placed on the conveyor belt which moves them through the different stations.

    Parallel double chain (LCB-…-DC);

    the conveyor is formed by two parallel chains where nests for loading parts are installed. It usually works step by step, so an accurate treatment can be performed for those parts that require a high standard of cleanliness.

    Aerial (LCA)

    parts are moved through the tunnel by means of an aerial conveyor where they are hanging. It is ideal for painting installations.