The main characteristic of this kind of washing machines is that load/unload can be made from the same point. It is ideal for cell works..
Parts are unloaded once the treatment is finished and an untreated part is placed instead.
The main advantages of this machine compared to other types of washing machines are:

  • Reduced space
  • Variable speed/ output
  • Accurate washing of the inside and the outside of the part
  • Easy automation through robot or pick&place
  • Possibility of multiple treatments
  • Types

    Platform (LCR)

    On this machine there is a stiff platform that allows up to two treatments besides the drying and blowing
    It can be manufactured with different diameters to get the necessary production or to adapt to the size of the parts

    Chain (LCU

    The conveyor consists of a chain where bearing-nests are installed. The operations are done step by step, so an accurate treatment of the parts is allowed even on parts that required a high level of cleanliness.

    On one side of the machine are placed the different treatments and on the other one are the blowing and drying processes. Parts return to the starting point once the process is finished.


  • Degreasing/ cleaning of stamping parts
  • Degreasing/ cleaning of engine components ( connecting-rods, pistons, boosts)
  • Degreasing/ cleaning of steering components
  • Degreasing/ cleaning of gearbox components (shafts, gears)
  • Surface treatments such as passivated, phosphated, oiled, corrosion protection, pickling…