The main characteristic of this type of machine is that multiple treatments are allowed. It is recommended for medium and high productions..

These machines are specially designed to work in automated lines where the parts are placed on pallets. Its installation can be done within the main line, so all the parts are treated or it can be installed as a satellite, so all the required parts are treated according to the process point in which they are.

The main advantages of this machine compared to other types of washing machines are:

  • High production and low maintenance cost.
  • Variable speed/output
  • Accurate washing of the inside and the outside of the part
  • Fully automated
  • Possibility of multiple treatments
  • USES

  • Degreasing/ cleaning of stamping parts
  • Degreasing/ cleaning of engine components ( connecting-rods, crankshafts, cylinder heads, crankcases, pistons)
  • Degreasing/ cleaning of steering components ( housings, stub axles)
  • Degreasing/ cleaning of gearbox components ( cases, shafts, gears)