The main characteristic of this kind of washing machines is that work using cycles immersing parts into the degreasing solution.
The machine has a platform where the parts are loaded. This platform is immersed automatically into the tank and the cycle starts. To get a more aggressive treatment, it can be included:

  • Agitation by swinging
  • Agitation by injection of compressed air
  • Agitation by recirculation of liquid
  • Ultrasounds
  • Rotation of the platform/li>

    When multiple treatments are required, the machine is fitted with a gantry and a manipulator which moves the parts through the different stations.
    The main advantages of this machine compared to other types of washing machines are:

  • Immersion treatment for turned parts
  • The adjustment of the treatment times according to the dirtiness of each part
  • Accurate washing of the inside and the outside of the part
  • Possibility to perform up to ten different treatments
  • Possibility to perform up to ten different treatments


  • Degreasing/ cleaning of stamping pieces
  • Degreasing/ cleaning of engine components ( connecting-rods, crankshafts, cylinder heads, crankcases, pistons)
  • Degreasing/ cleaning of steering components ( housings, stub axles)
  • Degreasing/ cleaning of gearbox components ( cases, shafts, gears)