The main characteristic of this kind of washing machine is that work using cycles and the treatment times can be individually adjusted according to the needs of each treatment.
The machine has a trolley where the parts are loaded. The trolley is automatically entered into the working chamber, so the automatic cycle starts. There is also an automatic door which is synchronized with the working cycle.
It is manufactured in three versions: Washing, washing + drying, and washing + rinsing + drying..
The main advantages of this machine compared to other types of washing machines are:

  • Reduced space.
  • The adjustment of the treatment times according to the dirtiness of each part.
  • Accurate washing of the inside and the outside of the part.


  • Degreasing/ cleaning of stamping parts.
  • Degreasing/ cleaning of engine components ( connecting-rods, crankshafts, cylinder heads, crankcase, pistons)
  • Degreasing/ cleaning of steering components ( housings, stub axles)
  • Degreasing/ cleaning of gearbox components ( cases, shafts, gears)