General characteristics

  • Made-to-measure for the customer
  • With forced recirculation of air
  • Automatic regulation of temperature
  • Electrical, gas, oil or steam
  • Highest temperature: 550ºC
  • Loading placed in compartments, special trays or drawers
  • Possible incorporation of many accessories: Second loading door, programmers and temperature recorders, timers, etc.
  • Uses

  • Damp dry of metal and plastic parts
  • Varnish drying through transformers
  • Polymerized of resins, plastic, car brakes…
  • Cured silicone to remove peroxides in printed circuits
  • Cured paint over parts.
  • To dilate bushings, moulds, shoe soles…
  • Heating of aluminium cylinder heads
  • Shrink wrap
  • Examples

    Electric furnace to pre-heat welding parts up to 350ºC, with an automatic removable loading platform.

    Electric furnace to heat bushings up to 300ºC, the load is made through drawers-trays

    Electric furnace to heat carcasses up to 200ºC, with faced compartments suitable for the production chain

    Laboratory furnace to heat parts up to 250ºC