Cleanliness testing laboratory

Bautermic offers customers a new modern laboratory to analyse the cleanliness of parts. It will be possible to accurately and quickly analyse the pollution of parts after their washing, so the quality required by the customer is guaranteed and also, if needed, to adjust the parameters of the washing machines.

The extraction of waste is done by rinsing with ultrasounds or solvents, according to ISO regulations. The solvent is aspirated through vacuum system and guided to a filter of 5 microns that allows its analysis This analysis system helps to get the pollution values, regarding to:
• Granulometry: Size of the arising parts.
• Gravimetry: Weight of the dirtiness found in the part.

Filters are weighed up before the trial and after the analysis process. Are dried within a controlled furnace in order to remove the remaining solve and get the exact weight of the dirtiness.For that, we have a precision balance up to 0,1 mg.

Once we’ve got the weight of the pollution, the granulometric analysis is run.

Thanks to an image analysis and a powerful microscopy, all the surface of the filters is scanned. Images from those particles over the required values are taken and then are analysed one by one to get its size, nature, etc.

This system allows to measure particles below 1 micron.

With all the information we can create a report which shows all the values and conditions in which the tests have been run on the machines ( washing pressure, temperature, used products, etc.)

The Bautermic Lab system guarantee that all our washing machines fulfil with all the requirements and also this system allows our customers to certify the quality of their products.

In Bautermic we take a step forward in improving quality and control of our products, we offer to customers our experience over 40 years manufacturing washing machines.