Thinking about how to satisfy all the needs of our customers, most of our washer machines admit the following accessories but some of them are already included by default

Vapours Vacuum

By centrifugation and recovery of the condensed water.

Draining pumps

Electric draining pump of tanks. Allows the 90% emptying of liquid.

Detergent Dispenser

Proportional dosing system, with no electrical connection. Adjustable between 1-5%

Draining pump

Pneumatic draining of tanks. Allows the 100% emptying of liquid.

Simple Assembly Filtration System

10-500 microns

Centrifugal Oil Separator

Highly effective system for the removal of oil in the degreasing bath.

Duplex Assembly Filtration System

10-500 microns

Oil separator

Oil separator by conveyor immersed in the bath. Capacity 8 liters/ hour

Filtration System

300-800 microns

Water Softener

Water Softener equipment. 1000 liters/hour