• Machines and equipment specifically designed for each treatment according to the requirements of the process. (Production, cleaning quality, space, etc).
  • Wide range of ovens for forging, stamping, metal melting, nitriding and different heat treatments (tempering, quenching, annealing, etc). Temperature from 500ºC to 1.250ºC. Static or continuous ovens.
  • Wide range of furnaces for many heating treatments such as: drying, polymerised, shrink-wrapping, dehydrogenation, etc. Special furnaces up to 550ºC for laboratories and industry.
  • Painting equipment
    Under construction
    Installations for applying paint, pre-treatments, static and continuous cabins, continuous drying ovens, etc.


More than 30 years at your service.

Founded in 1979, for over 30 years BAUTERMIC SA has designed and manufactured surface treatments equipment for the industry, mainly for the automotive sector. For the design of our machines, we have the broad experience of our engineers and we also have in mind the concerns of our customers about space optimization, performance’s improvement, decreasing of the energy consumption and how to include systems to reduce the waste generated by the machines, etc. A close collaboration with the suppliers and with our own customers allows us to develop and to put into practice new technologies on our products.

Our company

Design of our installations, we look for efficient energy and environmentally friendly equipment.

Our goal: To get the complete satisfaction of our customers by developing improved plans and R+D+I.

Modern manufacturing processes, TIG welding, laser and plasma cutting.

The best reference: our customers.